Taste Paradise Food Trails

The ‘Taste of the Tropics’ Food Trail was launched in 2001 by Australian Tropical Foods, a collaborative marketing cluster group of the Food Industry in the Tropical North Queensland region.  Supported by the federal government Regional Solutions Program and the Queensland Government, it has been an incubator for many new value added products and food & wine tourism attractions.

Today there is an exciting suite of exotic culinary tastes, just waiting for you to experience. Whether you select one or all five “Taste of the Tropics Food Trails”, the individuality of each trail will undoubtedly provide locals and visitors alike, a sensory journey to remember.

To experience each will take time, there’s so much more to explore … more than any one or two day stay will permit … so do enjoy the unique hospitality of the country hotels, B n Bs or farmstay properties, as each will provide visitors with a more memorable experience.

Other tourist attractions and sights along these food trails provide contrasting experiences … relaxing over a cold beer in an authentic outback pub … viewing some of the wonderful ornamental horticulture, or even exploring some of the lush protected areas of many endangered species. The outback and bush are often seen as the spiritual heart of Australia. This magic is shared with visitors by the area’s traditional protectors and landowners.

But then one cannot ignore other immense taste experiences on offer – luscious mangoes, rambutans, lychees, abiu, sapodilla, longans, black sapote, persimmon, jakfruit, durian, or the more than 100 other varieties of exotic produce await the adventurous trail blazer. Alternatively take some produce home with you or enjoy simply at a picnic outdoors.