Taste Paradise and the Regional Food Network (Inc)

The Tropical North Queensland Regional Food Network is the working end of Taste Paradise. Taste Paradise showcases premium quality produce and value-added foods and helps our region become recognised for its unique food offerings. The regional food network is made up of all those people who trade in accredited local produce by improving identification of local food and access to it through a short supply chain. We have built on the “paddock-to-plate” principle to link Tropical North Queensland producers, locals and visitors through the network.

The regional food network area covers the area from Cardwell in the south, west to the edge of the Savannah country and up to the tip of Cape York. It is helping to make it easier for local chefs to buy sustainably grown, fresh, seasonal produce and value-added food to be used in their menus, our restaurants, cafes and retail outlets. This provides locals and visitors alike with an authentic taste of our diverse region and helps to make Tropical North Queensland food an essential experience for everyone.

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