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Taste Paradise is Dishing Up Queensland Week, May 30th-June 6th.

Thanks to everyone who entered our recipe competition!

150523 Taken... By Gio, Giovanna Devlin Taste Paradise Recipe Photos 10.  150523 Taken... By Gio, Giovanna Devlin Taste Paradise Recipe Photos 18.

Shaun Ramsay’s Avoschetta and Quandong Farm’s Prawn and Pummelo Salad


The judges were so impressed with the imagination and skill of the entrants that they awarded a number of prizes in a number of categories.

$50 gourmet Taste Paradise hampers went to:

Peter and Laurie Trott for their Quandong Farm Prawn and Pummelo Salad

Shaun Ramsay for Avoschetta

Thomas Ege with his Almond-crumbed baci with Davidson plum relish

Other winners with $15 Taste Paradise vouchers and free cooking classes:

Uman Gambhir for her Lime “twisted” Pannacotta

Lynne Staff for Coconut and Lime Tart

Geraldine McGuire for Rainforest Citrus Almond Cake

Matt Allen for a kids’ Mango banana passionfruit vanilla smoothie

Nicky Jurd for emergency canapes, Figgy Soliders

Jacqui Richards for White Chocolate Dragonfruit Truffles

Thomas Ege’s Coconut Reef Fish Bites

Catarina Amaral for her Carambola Platter (with haloumi, pomegranate, rainforest tamarind and green mango chutney)

Annee Nguyen for Prawn mango papaw salad

Fiona George for the Queensland Cake

Di Mauloni’s Aussie Farm Damper

Jill Morris with her Marinated, steamed and roasted chicken (or whole reef fish))


Twelve of the winning recipes are going into recipe cards – and they will be featured in our monthly newsletters – subscribe below.
This initiative is proudly supported by the Queensland Government for Queensland Week.

Queensland Week Cooking Classes – Innisfail State College May 31st and June 4th

Learn to cook local delicacies and unusual tropical produce.

Where: Innisfail State College


Sunday, May 31st (two sessions: 10am-1pm and 2pm-5pm).

Thursday, June 4th (4pm-7pm).

$33 for a three-hour session. ALL WELCOME but places are strictly limited. SELLING FAST!

Register and pay here.


ECO Week from Cairns to Townsville, May 31st to June 6th

ECO Week celebrates environment, community and World Environment Day and coincides with Queensland Week. Taste Paradise is joining in the excitement of ECO Fiesta, May 31st, Cruise Liner Terminal, Cairns. Stalls, activities, demonstrations – all celebrating the produce and communities of our tropical region.

We also invite you on a Self Drive Tour of the Tablelands and Coast to experience our unique and diverse tropical produce. Find instructions and a map here.

Eco Expo at Warrina Lakes, Innisfail (off Charles St) on June 6th is the final event in our Queensland Week lineup. A family fun day with information and activities about healthy communities.

What is Taste Paradise – Tropical North Queensland?

Taste Paradise promotes Tropical North Queensland regional food.

We are a not-for-profit, volunteer organisation run by the people who produce the food – we are the farmers, the value-adders, the chefs and the businesses that care passionately about bringing to you the abundant, unique and delicious produce from the north tropical region of Australia.

The Taste Paradise logo, a plate filled with tropical bounty, easily identifies produce and value-added goods from the region to locals and tourists to connect you with a genuine Tropical North Queensland food experience.

You will discover truly unique foods: wild tropical seafood from the Coral Sea and Gulf of Carpentaria, as well as farmed barramundi, redclaw and prawns, rich dairy products from the tropical tablelands, grass-fed beef and free-range pork and poultry, macadamia nuts, coffee and tea, spices, chocolate, native rainforest fruits, seasonal vegetables including tropical Asian vegetables, fresh salad staples and herbs, and exotic tropical fruits. Follow your own trail or dine at a local restaurant to find the best of locally grown produce.

Look for the logo! It’s our local food brand.


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